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I was referred to Kim by my doctor after an auto accident a few years ago which caused me excruciating lower back
problems. After just one of Kim's sessions I feel like new. Stress is gone, and so are my aches and pains!

-Josh C.

I'm a 20-year retired USAF veteran with a history of back problems to include a herniated L5/S1 disk. Kim's massages are by far the best I've ever had!! My back has never felt this good in a long time! Usually on my business trips my back will tighten up due to work and sleeping in different beds, but during my stay in Salt Lake my back never felt better and never tightend up on me at all. Her studio is very clean, professionally maintained, and easy to get to as well. Best of all, Kim is a beautiful person with a great big heart and easy to hold a conversation with. Take it from me and take a chance on a massage from Kim. Your body, spirit and mind will thank you for it!!!

-Lt. Bill M.

As an active cyclist, runner, and triathlete, Kimberly has given me the most excellent sports massage I’ve ever experienced. Through her combined expertise in Ashiatsu and other methods I’ve found her treatments to be very worthwhile. Whether you’re looking for a complement to your training, some muscle rehabilitation, or even periodic sessions for your own peace of mind, I’d recommend scheduling with Kimberly.

-Paul T.

Because of numerous sports injuries I have been a massage client for more than 30 yrs. And though I've had many excellent massage therapists help me along the way, I have never had a therapist address my deep tissue needs as thoroughly as Kim has. Kim is a true healer. As a physician I can assure you of this. Her relentless energy to remove the body of stress and muscle tension is quite amazing. After the first session with Kim, it will be obvious that you've found your new massage therapist!

Dr. Lance R.

Even after receiving a massage from Kimberly last week, I still feel great! I drove down to Monticello, a four and a half hour drive and felt comfortable the whole way. At work we are getting the rock crusher ready to move, which means lots of manual labor. I haven't taken any ibuprofen since I have seen you. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! You are the Best! I feel great and can't wait to see you again.

-Jeff S.

I have significant left shoulder pain as a result of having torn my
rotator cuff there on three separate occasions. These injuries are a
consequence of sports I played two decades ago in college. My
orthopedist has also diagnosed me with severe impingement syndrome in the same shoulder. That doctor indicated that surgery might relieve
the pain somewhat, but predicted it would severely restrict my range
of motion. Since I still participate in athletics, I passed. My physician ultimately suggested I find a high quality massage therapist,

Ms. Blosser was recommended to me by well known instructors of massage therapy. I have seen her several times each month for more than a year now. The results have been excellent. My range of motion remains good, my pain has been virtually eliminated, and I sleep much better. Ms. Blosser is very talented. Her technique is superb and she took the time to understand my injury and worked specifically to improve my condition. I would recommend her without reservation. She is as good as they get and real professional.

-Brian J.